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Organic Neem Handmade Soap with Refreshing Aroma for Perfectly Clean, Brightening Skin 75 gm (Pack of 1)

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With Natural Glycerin

The soap is free from artificial preservatives and chemicals and is enriched with natural glycerin.

Natural Deodorizing Effect

With its intense aroma, Neem handmade soap is a natural deodorizer that assists in removing odor.

The Handmade

The soap is handmade made by the cold-pressed method to preserve the quality and effectiveness of all-natural ingredients.

For Skin Care

It reduces the dark spots, fine lines and sunspots giving youthful skin. It is an ideal soap for sensitive skin.

For Exfoliation

Regular use of Neem soap strengthens the process of exfoliation by cleaning skin and removing dead cells, giving your skin a fresh and rejuvenated glow.

For Refreshing Aroma

The intense aroma of coffee creates a soothing backdrop, putting your mind at peace.

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