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Vasya Hair Care Oil - it gives all-round nourishment to hair and scalp, prevent it from infections, dandruff, psoriasis, and a wide array of other common hair-related issues. Besides, our high-grade Ayurvedic Hair oil also promotes accelerated hair growth while controlling excessive hair fall. Because this Natural Herbal Hair Oil is blended with real natural extracts, it combats premature greying of hair, also revitalizes and restores the follicles to help regrow thicker hair. In addition, vasya herbal oil acts as a deep conditioner and makes the hair healthy and silky.

  • Helps in Hair Fall, Damage Repair
  • Helps in Premature Graying of Hair
  • Boosting blood flow directly to hair follicles
  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Providing the building blocks for the hair follicle
  • Targeting & blocking DHT directly on the scalp
  • Treats and prevents dandruff
  • Banishes any signs of pesky dandruff flakes
  • Cleanses the dirt and impurities
  • Repairs damaged hair and adds volume

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